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SOMETIMES you have to spoil yourself BREAKFAST

Took a long walk this morning around Alaro and its surrounding  almond and olive fields and on my way back i stopped at the local mini market and picked up some gorgeous nectarines. Unfortunately I’m one of those people that don’t really tolerate dairy but sometimes you have to spoil yourself and today I did so with greek yogurt, puffed quinoa, goji berries, almonds and sweet sweet nectarines. It both looked and tasted beautiful.

Except for being delicious this breakfast also is very high in protein since greek yogurt contains 50% more protein than normal yogurt, as I’ve mentioned before quinoa is a complete vegetable protein and almonds are also a good protein source. If you are on a mission to build muscles its extra important to eat a sufficient amount of protein and especially in the mornings when your body is in a catabolic state, your body is burning your muscle for energy since your glycogen store is low (protein intake is also important before and after workouts).