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Today its time to get moving and I’m happy that I’ll soon be in arms of my awesome dude again, a week away from each other was good but now I want him back! But before that I am going to fully enjoy this beautiful breakfast in front of me. It tastes so good I almost have to make a mmm sound with every bite.

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Ok so you have eaten fruit for a day or two. If you feel that your stomach can handle it you might want to start to incorporate some steamed vegetables or maybe a blended vegetable soup now. Remember you are basically teaching your stomach to digest food again, eat a little, wait a bit and see what happens (you could get stomach cramps if you eat to fast.) if you feel good have a bit more.


This curried mix of blended vegetables might not look that good but oh my it was tasty. So much flavor and it felt awesome to actually have to chew my food again. Tomorrow I’m finally hitting the buffet table, for a week I have been tempted by other hotel guests plates and now it’s (almost) my turn! Yay!

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Good morning. It’s my second last morning here at Samahita so I got up extra early and just been sitting by myself on the beach with camera in hand.


I have mixed feelings about leaving tomorrow, this is such a magical place and being here really allows you body and mind to relax. At the same time I’m very exited with continuing our future travels and my feet are getting a bit itchy to get moving. I guess there is a time and place for everything and I’m very grateful for this lovely week here at Samahita.

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In order to experience long term benefits from you detox it’s important to make a appropriate transitioning back to normal food. When you gradually work your body back into digesting food you will prevent any problems occurring.


The first day or two you should only eat fruit as your solid food and choose a fruit that is easily digested by your body like watermelon, honey dew or papaya. Don’t mix your fruits and allow your body to digest it before drinking any vegetable juice afterwards. You can keep on eating psyllium husk for fiber and remember that your body is still detoxing even if you are no longer fasting.

Many people think that the transitioning face is difficult and want to get back to “normal” food as soon as possible but its important to pace yourself. Your body is becoming very sensitive during a detox and if you start to consume strong stimulants or heavy toxic foods immediately afterwards you might lodge toxins deeper into you tissues.

Source Samahita Wellness