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Day 5 and going strong. Feeling good, eyes clear, energy level high even if I quite easy get light headed – I’m feeling good.



So yesterday evening I took my concoction of epsom salt, olive oil and lemon juice. Afterwards I went straight to bed to try to fall asleep but with difficulty due to lack of my evening soup and juice. Why would I do this to myself you might ask? Here you get the answer.

Even without indulging in too many fast foods and boozy evenings, your body still produces many toxins that your liver must deal with.

The liver flush prevents gallstones, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and can reduce pain from the liver or gallbladder, e.g. shoulder pain. It can also reduce or prevent headaches or migraines, food allergies and helps you loose weight. A liver flush will significantly improve digestion, regularity, and energy levels and will also improve your overall health and vitality.

Did it work? Truthfully; I’m not sure. I didn’t get any stones out as promised but on the other hand I do feel better today then any other day during my detox. There is a lot of pros and cons about this on the Internet and I agree with both sides. I was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be, people have been telling me that I won’t sleep through the whole night etc. but I’ll slept fine and didn’t feel anything special in the morning. We will see if I notice any of the benefits the next few days.

As I let you guys make up your own minds about this, it’s breakfast time for me and maybe a dip in the pool afterwards, bliss.

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Detox symptoms no more – I’m feeling amazing again, what a morning! After my daily morning tea I was surprised to find myself the only one in yoga class. I’m a yoga novice and slowly learning the different postures and trying to get my head around yoga-thinking. Having someone explaining, correcting and tailoring a sequence just for you is such a treat and I urge any yoga beginner to book a private lesson today. You will thank me later, I promise.

After my wonderful yoga experience I had a treat for my small tootsies, reflexology. I will post some info about that soon. Now it’s defiantly time to get something into my rumbling belly, coconut water, yeh!