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You would think that a weekly Sunday market would be a smaller affair but no, the Chiang Mai Sunday market is huge. Around seven, after a day in front of our computers, we slowly got ready to go outside the guesthouse premises to have a look at the market stands and maybe find some food. I was shocked, in one afternoon the whole inner town had changed into a massive venue with one market stall after another, musicians and young girls dancing on the streets and every temple courtyard was filled with food stands where you could find almost anything you can imagine – fantastic! Chiang Mai’s spell on me is getting stronger, how am I going to be able to leave?

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So we have spent three nights and two full days here in Chiang Mai and the city has really charmed the both of us. It has a spiritual essence about it with Buddhist temples around every corner and you are just as likely to bump into a monk as a fellow traveller on the street. If you like me are searching for healthy foods, but on a backpacker budget, you won’t be disappointed either as you can find organic cafe’s and healthy fruit smoothies all around old town. We found our favorite lady here that serves us our breakfast every morning – in one smoothie she puts one banana, one mango and the juice and meat from half a coconut – blend that together with a handful of ice (no sugary syrup!) and you are set for hours!



If I was going to give any fellow traveller a good advice from our experience here so far is to rent a motor bike and buzz up the mountain and walk the 200 steps up to the Buddhist temple there. Yesterday we got up really early and was there before seven. For one hour we where the only visitors, it was so nice walking around without noisy tourist and as the clock went past eight the place slowly filled with local people praying as they walked around the grand stupa in the middle of the temple grounds.









The credit for the photo of me at the bottom of the steps goes to Chris Geiler. Have a look at his blog for some more wicked shots.

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After 15 minutes bargaining, Chris is the winner every time, I happily retuned back to our hostel with this baby on my camera. MBK is the place in Bangkok to do your camera shopping, there is endless of camera shops and everything else you might want.

MBK also have a cinema on the top floor, right now Avengers is shown in English and even if I’m not a comic book reader I really enjoyed the movie. Next time I’ll bring a warm sweater though, it’s freezing inside.

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I have a poster in front of me with a photo of the floating markets, underneath it says Bangkok – The city with many smiles and I agree, at least I smile a lot here. It’s hard to explain what makes me like this city so much, I think it’s a mixture of ever changing sourindings, here you will find monks mixed with tourists, vendors selling everything from fruit to fake university diplomas, in the evenings you hear good old rock tunes preformed by tiny Thai women with voices like Etta James and lets not forget about the amazing food sold for peanuts at every street corner.

Today has been great, up early as normal but we both brought our big cameras and slowly strolled along the streets for a few hours. In the afternoon the sky opened and we took refuge at the big Siam shopping mall, wallet is a bit emptier now but I am so pleased with my buy – ill show you guys tomorrow…